2. Product Introduction

2.1 Specific Features

The system has the following features which set significantly differs it from those on the market:

  • It works in two different modes. The first one is a simple mode with a GPS module or a mobile phone with limited features which allows to send notifications via SMS transport. The second mode is an extended one when the microcontroller coupled with a mobile phone equipted with onboard camera and virtual Java machine. This mode allows to enclose pictures taken by controlled mobile phone as well as textual descriptions of the system's state. In later case data is sent via HTTP protocol using mobile phone TCP stack so dynamic web-based logs could be easily organised by storing data for more than just one system;

  • Immediate picture upload feature allows to send alarm and intruder's appereance before the device is disclosed and destroyed. It may not be disclosed at all if properly disguised.

  • A popular and cheap AVR8/16/32 processor is in a heart of the system is manufactured in different chip packages including DIP which makes homemade PCB creation extremely simple;

  • The microcontroller can be connected either to a mobile phone via serial interface with TTL levels or to a GSM module via the same interface with RS232 logical levels, through TTL<->RS232 adapter inbetween;

  • Extension connector might be used to increase number of inputs/outputs;

  • Different variety of external chips/devices can be connected via iButton(1Wire) interface;

  • Open source firmware gives unlimited freedom to any modifications/adaptations and dramatically simplifies bug fixing;

  • Assembly code gives the smallest program footprint capable of working even on processors with only 16 kbytes onboard flash memory, modular firmware structure speeds up understanding, minimises development time and with some limitations allows to built code to be deployed on processors with as little as 8 kbytes flash memory;

  • The system can control external devices such as light in a room, pumps, compressors, fans etc by using additional relay board;

  • There is a backup power supply that activates/deactivates automatically in case of main power outages;

  • Additional adapter allows to power the system from a car accumulator;