5. Testing, Tuning And Setting Up

5.1 Microcontroller Testing and Tuning

Power up the microcontroller. The device will start and indicate its readiness by brief triple blink of LED2 (the blue one). It means that the microprocessor is flashed correctly and most of hardware works. The red one led (LED1) should blink periodically and much longer than LED2, it means the system is in inactive state and there is at least one sensor in alarm state (or sensors are simply disconnected). Plug a mobile phone into the controller. LED2 should blink a few times again indicating that the phone is recognised. After that LED2 should blink periodically with double or single flashes. Double blink means that Siemens CX65/70 compatible phone is connected and the system works in extended mode. Single blink means that simple phone is connected and the system works in SMS only mode. From another mobile phone send SMS to the system with activate message content. LED1 should start blinking rarely and briefly, it means that the device in active state now. In reply, the SMS sender mobile phone should receive the command confirmation (mobile phone number must be defined in DA_def, refer to Section 4.2, “Microcontroller Firmware Building”). For the full list of commands refer to Chapter 6, Command Set List.